Introduction Programme Internationalization

In Vision2020 and the vision on internalization 2020 “Educating the Global Citizen” the University of Twente has stated ambitions in the field of internalization. To realize these ambitions a different type of operational management is needed. The growing number of International students requires a change in the current processes. In order to reach the objective of the program Internationalization, which is to increase the number of International students even more, the customer oriented approach needs to be reinforced. The analysis of the current processes and the points for improvement were derived from the “Eindrapportage I-keten 2020 proof[1]” and the project Customer Journey: de interactie van de (international) studiezoeker met de UT binnen wervings- en ondersteunende processen[2]

 Based on the recommendations of these reports the focus for improvement is initially on:

  • Reduction of time needed for the admission process of the prospective master-students (goal two weeks).  A pilot project has started at the faculty of Engineering Technology (CTW).
  • The customer journey of our prospective students; the process between their application and their first day in the classroom needs to be more student friendly and transparent.
  • The organization of a scholarship office; at this moment the tasks and responsibilities are not completely covered. To reach our ambition to get more scholarships a solid basis must be present. The start of the Scholarship Office is planned for January 2017 and it must be fully operational at the end of the first quarter of 2017. 

"Examples of ongoing projects: Mobility Online & Emergency plan."

"Related projects: Integration ITC-UT and Language skills of support staff."

New projects in these focus areas have recently started or will start soon. The program has also adopted a few ongoing projects. Due to limited resources we have to work as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is important to avoid duplication and to incorporate all projects in the program (both new and ongoing) as well as linking them to other related projects outside of the scope of this program.   


Every project has his own project group with a project leader and a project/product owner (= opdrachtgever). For harmonization and coordination between the projects a program manager is appointed; Inge Boomkamp.  In a monthly meeting between her and (some of) the project leaders the progress, the interdependence and the challenges of the separate projects will be discussed. The steering committee monitors the overall progress of the program and will make necessary decisions concerning the individual projects and the program in its entirety.  

The scope of the program is part of the agenda of the steering committee. They decide, with advice from the program manager and others, on the composition of the program and when to start with new projects. The following projects are planned for the future; Academic Admission other faculties, operational management of the exchange process (incoming/outgoing) and Bachelor admission.


The dashboard, which is also developed to inform the steering committee, will be updated every month and will be available at this website (vision 2020.) As well as the dashboard this webpage contains updates and background stories (planned for November 2016). An announcement of the (re)launch of the website will be published on the employee portal.

The steering committee members are also ambassadors of the program, they will inform the relevant bodies. For example, the dean of the faculty ITC informs the other deans about the progress and decisions that are made.  


[1] BPM Consult / Renco Bakker, 23-03-2016 [2] R. de Wilde – Brink, Customer Journey; de interactie van de (internationale) studiezoeker met de UT binnen wervings- en ondersteunende processen’