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University Council endorses with UT’s vision of internationalization 20-05-2015

The University Council endorses with the new vision of internationalization for the University of Twente; “2020 Educating the Global Citizen.” An important step forward in realizing the ambitions of our university as we stated in Vision 2020.

The main point of discussion to get the Council’s approval was about the Bachelor programmes being taught in English. The Executive Board confirmed that the decision whether to convert an existing programme into an English-taught programme will only be made by the programme director and his staff on the condition that the Faculty Council advices positively.

The University Council also requested a plan of implementation in case a programme will be changed into English. The Board has committed to communicate clearly and unambiguously to students and prospective students when making changes to our official language policy. Current students will not be confronted with changes in language policy of the current programme they are nominal following.

The Deans and the portfolio holders of internationalization in each faculty work on an outline of realizing this new vision. An important aim is to attract more international students, especially in the master programmes. The master portfolio of our university is part of a strategic discussion at the moment. One of the next activities is the screening of five master programmes from an international perspective. Another part of realizing the new vision is to improve the admission of international students and to expand the use of scholarships.

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