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Internationalization and participation 12-03-2015

Early this year, the draft version of the university’s vision for internationalization was submitted to the University Council for approval. Since then, the Executive Board has spoken about the vision with members of the University Council on a number of occasions. In March, the document will be discussed at the University Council’s meeting.

The matter of English-taught Bachelor’s programmes will feature heavily in the discussions. The Board has already assured the University Council that the decision on whether to convert an existing programme into an English-taught programme is and will remain the responsibility of the dean. An important consideration when making changes to our official language policy is that they are communicated clearly and unambiguously to students and prospective students.
At Master’s level, where teaching in English is current policy, an exception continues to apply to the Technical Medicine and Teacher Education programmes.

The talks will also address the issue of the English-language skills of both teachers and students. The Centre for Educational Support’s TCP Language Centre will be consulted regarding the need for further training. An action plan will also be drawn up for the use of English in campus facilities (e.g. signage), support services, formal consultation and decision-making.

Based on the Board’s discussions with the University Council to date, we are in the process of refining specific points in the university’s approach to internationalization.

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