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Een groep UT’ers begaf zich ruim een week tussen de heilige koeien, tuktuks, zwerfafval en - honden. Het land: India. De missie: ‘factfinding’, aldus CreaTe-opleidingsdirecteur Alma Schaafstal, net weer terug op de UT. ‘Doel is om in de volledige breedte een goed beeld van het land krijgen.’

Mobility Online outgoing Live


In 2015 a project team selected Mobility Online. This web based software can be used for the international mobility programs covering the management of mobility, international cooperation, contacts, roles, and data – with integrated mobility desk and mobility monitoring.

With the help of the supplier of Mobility Online we had the possibility to build our own workflow procedures. First the students fills in the form, thereafter it's send to the faculty coordinator for approval. We have the following workflow steps: Application, Proposal, Scholarship, Notification of arrival, Notification of change, Notification of return, Check deliverables and evaluation.

In 2016 we implemented ‘outgoing mobility’ (internship, graduation and courses). In 2017 we will start with ‘incoming mobility’.

Go Live Mobility Online Outgoing

Just before the summer holiday we went live with ‘outgoing mobility: internship’. The students appreciate the ease of use. The part "courses" was launched at 1 december. Students are now able to register their courses abroad for the study year 2017-2018 and further. The graduation part is planned to go live at the first week of January (09-01-2017). The final tests are now taking place. 

In 2017 a new release of mobility online outgoing is planned with improvements and additional requests of the users. Also the second part of the workflow for "courses" needs to be implemented. 

Mobility Online Incoming

A lot of UT-projects / activities are concerning incoming students. The first weeks of 2017 will be used to make an overview of all activities, based on this a implementation plan Mobility Online Incoming is prepared. 

Questions? The project leader of Mobility Online is Hans Westerik ( 

Student as Costumer


What is it that students actually want from a university?

There is an interesting article in the UT news magazine to read, called 'The Student as a Customer'.

Click this link  (pages 6-9).