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Achievements on the road to Vision2020

The University of Twente is accelerating. In the years to come the university will raise the bar as well as our ambitions even higher. The UT is the entrepreneurial university, constantly anticipating and responding quickly and adequately to changes in her environment. Socially committed, synergy driven, entrepreneurial and internationally oriented, those are our core values.

Our ambitions have been expressed in Vision 2020. This site will publish updates on what we have achieved on the road to Vision2020. An overview of the results can be found below.

Summer school CuriousU

One of the ambitions the University of Twente has included in Vision 2020 is that we want to be in the leading position regarding innovative, applicable knowledge combined with a unique set of degree programmes offered in a distinctive environment. Our campus is developing into an inspiring place where scientists and students meet. A community for professional and personal development.

An example of this is that we will be providing a summer school programme with inspiring courses both for national and international prospective students. These courses illustrate the UT at its very best. Together they constitute CuriousU, which is the new name for our summer school based on ideas such as BOOT-CampUS and Festivaliz’UT, put forward by participants in the Create the UT of Tomorrow event.

More information

Visit the CuriousU website.

Strategic Business Development

The University of Twente is committed to enhancing its relationship with the business community. We have developed a program focused on strategic business development. It’s an approach to developing richer relationships with key partners, and thereby significant value. As an entrepreneurial university the UT’s fundamental objective is to create value for and have impact on partners and stakeholders in the Twente region, the Netherlands, Europe, and ultimately society at large. To that end, the following nine strategies for 2014–2015 are identified:

  • Strategy 1. Clearly position the UT as a world-class entrepreneurial university.
  • Strategy 2. Help startups and SMEs (including spin-offs) grow over the long term.
  • Strategy 3. Facilitate active and proactive contact with the business community.
  • Strategy 4. Nurture talent and thereby stimulate market-driven innovation.
  • Strategy 5. Focus on key research areas that play to the UT’s strengths and the community’s needs.
  • Strategy 6. Position and professionalize the UT’s centers of expertise and shared facilities.
  • Strategy 7. Create an effective university gateway for the business community.
  • Strategy 8. Provide incentives and develop useful tools.
  • Strategy 9. Involve University of Twente stakeholders.

To create a strong, distinctive profile, gain international prominence, and maximize opportunities to collaborate with industry, it is important to build on a foundation of scientific quality aligned with the university’s strategy and strengths. The key question is this: In which areas, considered from both the scientific and societal viewpoints, is there an opportunity to excel?

Based on the broad technological areas and general societal themes such as safety, health, and energy and a strong value proposition in the key technologies—IT, nano-, bio-, and geotechnology—and engineering, in a social context (governance and behaviour), we will sharpen our focus on five key industrial research areas in 2015–2020:

  • Advanced materials
  • Medical technology and devices
  • Wireless and remote sensing
  • Advanced manufacturing and mechatronics
  • Safety and security

Find here the complete strategic business development program of the university.

University of Serious Improvers

How do we make sure that we are doing the right things for our customers in the right way? How do we achieve more control over our work? How do we achieve our ambitions? These are important questions with which we are continuously preoccupied. The programme 'Working Lean at UT" has been created to assist us in that regard. Its purpose is to continuously improve by elevating this methodology to a higher level. Have you become curious about the methodology and the impact we have achieved to date? In that case, quickly watch this film below.

Would you like to know what Lean can mean to you? In that case, contact José Franken, programme coordinator for Lean, or visit There, you can also register for an introductory workshop.


Together with the corporate sector, the University of Twente works on high-tech solutions for the future. By way of illustration, please find some examples of projects and collaborations on our Business & Innovation page.


In Vision2020 and the vision on internalization 2020 “Educating the Global Citizen” the University of Twente has stated ambitions in the field of internalization. To realize these ambitions a different type of operational management is needed. The growing number of International students requires a change in the current processes. In order to reach the objective of the program Internationalization, which is to increase the number of International students even more, the customer oriented approach needs to be reinforced. The analysis of the current processes and the points for improvement were derived from the “Eindrapportage I-keten 2020 proof” and the project Customer Journey: de interactie van de (international) studiezoeker met de UT binnen wervings- en ondersteunende processen.

More actual information about the Internationalization program can be found on this Internationalization page.

ICT in education

How will the UT make use of digital testing? How and where will we set up MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses, free online courses)? And how will we handle blended learning? Digitalization in education is an important spearhead in the accentuated Vision 2020 strategy. More information about ICT in Education can be found on the TELT website. Curious about what we have achieved on ICT in education read the articles in the ICT in Education archive.

Gamma meets bèta

How can we combine our social and technological forces even further? How will we find even better solutions for complex societal issues? One of the answers to this question is Tech4People, an initiative established by the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS).

Tech4People is a programme set up during the merger process of the two social sciences faculties. Its objective is strengthening the collaboration between the social and technical science disciplines. Do you want to know more about Tech4People, its creations and the source of its success then watch the Tech4People film and visit the intranet page Tech4people.


The DesignLab is a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Twente, connecting science and society through design. Faculty and students from all fields work together with companies and governments to implement and develop scientific and technological insights that can be used in finding and shaping creative, innovative and meaningful solutions for complex societal challenges. Top talents from engineering, natural science, social science and the humanities join forces to take on the  wicked problems of tomorrow’s world, using their creativity to bring science to design for society.

Go to the DesignLab website for more information.


Campus app

The Campus App-project is funded by the Innovation budget of the University of Twente. Service departments, scientists and students work closely together on developing an app that virtually guides visitors and familiarizes them with our campus. Curious for the ideas and ambitions in this regard? Have a look at our ambition video (animated) below.


Starbucks Coffee Company and food-service organization Albron are jointly opened a new Starbucks branch at EDU-Café, which is located at the Education and Research square of the University of Twente (UT) campus. The UT campus is a meeting place for international pioneers and entrepreneurs, and plays a key role in helping people get the most out of their talents and skills through partnerships. And what better way to get these collaborations going than over a delicious cup of coffee at top-notch facilities?