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The University of Twente is accelerating. As a university, we are embracing a bold new set of ambitions and raising the bar even higher. The University of Twente is the leading entrepreneurial university. We constantly anticipate future developments and respond rapidly and effectively to the changing world around us. Our staff are experts in their field and set the agenda for public debate. Our ongoing interaction with industry, research institutes and government generates ground-breaking research and world-class innovations. We produce outstanding graduates who excel by combining expertise from a range of fields as they design solutions that meet the demands of the future, in the Netherlands and throughout the world. To visualize Vision 2020 we made an animation. Read more about our ambitions in the brochure.

The latest updates on what we have achieved on the road to Vision2020 can be found on the Achievements page.

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This promotion book presents the 45 ideas that resulted from the event ‘Create the UT of tomorrow’. Three hundred students, employees and alumni of our university put these proposals forward. On 1 April, 2014 they all enthusiastically set to work on the task: go beyond your comfort zone and come up with creative and surprising ideas. The groups departed from an early concept of the strategy document Vision 2020, in which UT’s ambitions for the future are formulated.

45 ideas to create the UT of tomorrow