About UTlive

Public and closed EVENTS

Events can be either public or closed. Public means that viewers can go to the UT.live and attend and participate in the event without registering (in advance). Closed events require (prior) registration by the viewer before the viewer can participate in the event. A mix form is also possible. This means that the live stream is publicly available, but as soon as the viewer wants to participate in the chat, a registration is needed to make this possible.


Within UT.live there are interaction options that are available to parties who organise an event:

Other interaction possibilities are only available in a professional setting with a control room. Think of augmented reality elements mixed into the live stream or a virtual audience.

possibility of rewatching ON DEMAND

After the event it is possible to watch the live stream again in the on demand version of UT.live. For public events anyone can rewatch the live stream without registration. Closed events can only be rewatched by viewers who have registered for the event.