UT.live: platform for live stream events

Welcome to the support website of UT.live!

Here you will find the information about the platform, organising online events and support.

UT.live is our very own live stream platform. It is suitable for online events viewed live by an audience: viewers from their own device on a hybrid form. Live, pre-recorded or a mix of both. One of the conditions to use UT.live is that the event must have a live component for the audience. Events like the Online Open Days, Opening Academic Year and Mindlab has been broadcasted via UTlive. And there's more is to come! 

Improving by doing, that’s how we evolve. We've experience with three types of events. All of them are very well received. From an event with a lot of interactivity, a digital audience and a duration of two weeks, towards an event with over twenty break out sessions at the same time and a lot of interactivity by chat and events which was directed by project members itself.