Information about activities

Information about activities

We always do our best to organise fun and varied activities.

All activities are announced on this website and on our facebook page. On our website the activities are explained further and you can sign up. In case of insufficient participation an activity will be cancelled. This will be announced on the website on time.

Registration conditions

You can only sign up for UT-Kring activities if you are a member of the UT-Kring (outside member of the sub-union is also a UT-Kring member).
With most activities, it is possible for a UT-Kring member to bring a guest. Every UT-Kring member may register and take one guest on the condition that the UT-Kring member participates in the activity him/herself.

Online sign up and payment

Sign up and payment for all activities is only possible via the UT-Internet checkout, unless announced differently. You only have to register once to be able to use the UT-Internet checkout. You will receive an e-mail with a password. Via 'my bookings' you can see what activities you singed up for and if the payment was successful. At every activity there is a link to the relevant UT-Internet checkout.

You have to pay a (small) contribution for most activities of the UT-Kring. Some activities are free. You can see the exact costs in the information of the relevant activity.

For all activities, online registration via the UT-Internet checkout is necessary. You can also pay directly. A link to the relevant UT-Internet checkout is given at the activity.

Guests can only be signed up for an activity by the UT-Kring member. This member has to participate in the activity him/herself. This guest will pay the same reduced contribution as the UT-Kring member.

In some cases, an activity can be paid for at Boerderij Bosch. This is then announced in the information about the activity. Signing up via the UT-Internet checkout is still necessary.

In case of insufficient participation an activity will be cancelled. This will be announced on the website on time.


The members of the UT-Kring, who are employed by the University of Twente, are insured in the Netherlands through the liability insurance of the University of Twente in activities, organized by the University of Twente. For activities outside the Netherlands, you must take out appropriate insurance yourself. Think also of health insurance. You usually have to take out supplementary insurance for this. UT-Kring members, who are not employed by the UT and guests must take care of their insurance themselves.

If an extra / special insurance is required, it will be mentioned in the information of the activity.

The board can not be held liable for damage suffered as a result of participation in a UT-Kring activity.


You have signed up for an activity, but you can't participate after all?

Only if you meet one of the following conditions you will receive a refund:
- you cancel at least 5 working days before the start of the activity
- there are special personal circumstances; contact the UT-Kring for this

If you don't cancel in time for participation in an activity, you will not receive a refund. If you haven't paid yet, you are still obliged to pay the full participation fee. The reason for this is that we incur costs that we can't get back.

Number of participants

In activities where a maximum number of participants can participate, the order of sign up applies. In the case of over-registration, the last sign ups will be reversed. You will be notified as soon as possible.

For all activities goes: full is full. Therefore, check our website regularly and sign up on time.

In case of insufficient participation an activity will be cancelled. This will be announced on the website on time.