2016 Winner

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Jeanette Hofmeijer, neurologist and researcher at the department Clinical Neurophysiology, received the Professor De Winter prize. She received this prize for excellent female academic talent during the dies natalis of the UT.

Hormeijer won the prize for het article “Early EEG contributes to multimodal outcome prediction of postanoxic coma”, which was published in the renowned magazine Neurology. Her research shows that the outcome of a coma induced by lack of oxygen is more predicable with continues EEG monitoring where the focus is on the speed at which brain activity is recovering, compared to current methods.


According to the panel Hofmeijer, who combines het position as UT-researcher with her position of neurologist at the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, managed to find the ideal balance between practicing medicine and the academic world. “Her research not only translates fundamental research into practical medical application, moreover it started with a real world medical problem. This fits perfectly with the mission of the UT research institute MIRA which see excellent research and technology as important catalysts for improvements in the medical field.”

Surprised and Thankful

Hofmeijer was pleasantly surprised with her prize. “I was on my way to Arnhem when I received a call from Ed Brinksma. It came as a complete surprise. To be the winner of this prize is a great honor and I’m very happy and thankful for this.”

A monetary prize of 2500 Euros is attached to the De Winter prize. Hofmeijer already knows what she wants to do with this part of the prize. “I want to hire a medical technician to help me with the continuation of my research.”

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