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De Breed Kreiken Innovation scholarship

Your donation counts, every year again!

The De Breed Kreiken Innovation Scholarship is awarded every year to outstanding master students and young alumni with an entrepreneurial attitude and a desire to study with a technical profile. The scholarship, consisting of an amount between €1,500 and €5,000, is made partly possible thanks to a donation from the consultancy firm De Breed & Partners to the De Breed Kreiken Innovation fund.

The director of De Breed & Partners is Loek de Breed (second from the right in the photograph shown below), alumnus (TBK Faculty '71) of the University of Twente. The Innovation Fund is partly named after the former senior UT lecturer, Professor Dr. Jan Kreiken. Professor Dr. Jan Kreiken (far right in the photograph shown below) was a well-known corporate strategist, founder of management thinking in Europe and co-founder of the Twente Business Administration programme.

The allocation of scholarships from the De Breed Kreiken Innovation Fund are linked to the Young Technology Award.  It is awarded every year in May or June.