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The Professor de Winter Award, for a top publication of female talent at the University of Twente, will this year go to Clara Stegehuis for her publication in the field of sub-networks within larger networks such as social media or the internet. The prize, named after the late Prof. Herman de Winter, is made possible from the estate of Mrs. De Winter and the University Fund Twente Foundation.

Clara Stegehuis's research concerns large networks. Social media networks can be an example of this, the internet, but also our brain. An interesting question is whether, within the large network, smaller deviating sub-networks can be recognized. By "zooming in" on this, you can, for example, find the trolls who cause strong reactions on social media. Or you can increase the chance that your message will "go viral". Finding the sub-networks can take a lot of computing time if you try to find anomalous patterns step by step. Clara Stegehuis uses a statistical method that makes tracing easier, with significantly less computation time.

The award-winning publication was in the Annals of Applied Probability and was "Optimal Subgraph Structures in Scale-Free Configuration Models"

Clara Stegehuis studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente, obtained her PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology and has been Assistant Professor at the University of Twente since 2019. She was also recently awarded a VENI grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), especially for her research into characteristic network patterns.

The Professor De Winter Award is named after Prof. Herman de Winter, professor of applied physics in the early days of the UT and very involved with the students and the study association Arago. After his death in 2005, his widow established the Professor De Winter Fund. When Mrs. De Winter also passed away, her heirs Henk Hoving and Thijs van Reijn decided to continue the annual donation to the University Fund.