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Support talent: Kipaji Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the Kipaji Scholarship, I was able to start my master's degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente in September. I am from Mexico and belong to the Los Mixtecos minority. This grant gives me the opportunity to make my dream come true: making the energy sector in my country greener and more sustainable. This sector lacks proper process control and is highly dependent on foreign technology. In addition, there is still far too little green energy. As a chemical engineer I would like to introduce sustainable alternatives to current refining processes. Twente is an ideal place for me because of the innovative research into sustainable processes and the strong collaboration with the Chemical Industry. I was given the opportunity to study here: will you help to give other students this opportunity?

Alonso Martinez Chemical Engineering student from Mexico

TARGET €10.000,-  

Your donation counts, every year again!
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