Pro-UT English

Jann van Benthem, 53 yrs, MSc Industrial Engineering and Management, Coordinator of the TOP-programme for starting entrepreneurs, teacher of the course managing an SME, supervisor final Bachelor and Master projects at NIKOS(MB), marathonspeedskater

If you vote for me you will let the board know that they cannot wait longer with the evaluation of the membership of the UT in the 3TU-federation. Why did we start this flirtation with our most important competitors? What did it bring until today that we couldn’t accomplish without a federation? Now it looks that once so proud, the UT is in an identity crisis. As far as I am concerned it is time the UT goes her own way, doing the things she is good at and making a lot of noise with that so she can get back her flair. That’s why: not Pro-TU but Pro-UT!

Jan van Alsté, 64 yrs, MSc in EE, PhD in BME, Director of Biomedical Engineering Education

Vote for me because working and studying have to become more exciting. It is good for the university and its employees when people enjoy their work. That implies less attention for buildings and organization and more for people. The rural character of the campus must be kept, but probably made livelier with a fish& chips stand. Management and personnel departments should become more people oriented. People flourish when given the opportunity. Temporary staff deserves proper working spaces and career possibilities. Better opportunities and facilities are needed for PhD students and more workplaces for students. The useless reorganizations and outsourcing of services must end. Education has to focus on the development of the individual student. We must have reasons to be proud on our university.

Björn Harink, 27 yrs, MSc. Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate Tissue Regeneration – MIRA
Board member of PhD Network University of Twente (P-NUT) and Alumni Association Biomedical Engineering

Vote for me, because I want to look after the interests of the current and future PhD candidates at the UT. They are a big group of young researchers who are the future of research and education. That is why they deserve to be treated as employees rather than students with a meager bursary. Within P-NUT I already promoted this and hope to continue this as a member of the university council.

Next to that I think the UT should continue to work hard to create a better and more pleasant international environment. This can be done by better assistance of international students and employees during their stay and a better communication in English. At last I think the UT would be a more pleasant place if the Friday afternoon drinks would become a tradition, a proven initiative that improves teamwork and a pleasant working climate.