Newsletter University Council October 2015

At the end of September the first consultation meeting of the new University Council with the Executive Board took place. In this newsletter you find a short representation of the discussions.

At the end of the meeting, the council thanked the departing Vice-President of the Board -Kees van Ast – for the pleasant cooperation and wished him all the best for the future.

All discussed documents can be downloaded here

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The rights of participation in respect of the Budget

Currently the UC consults with the Board on the question of what the Minister meant giving the participation bodies by law "agreement on the broad lines of the Budget".

Parties agree that this concerns the distribution model of the UT and how much you will take from the reserves, how much you spend on promotion, etc. But there are also points of discussion: should the Department councils have similar powers within the Faculty? The UC thinks so.

Also when discussing the Management Report it turned out there is a disagreement: the UC thinks that the Board should have consulted the UC on spending 3 million recruit interest expenses, but the Board already partly has spent this amount for this and next year on extra scholarships for overseas students. Further consultation follows.

Strategic Plan Student Union (SU)

In the strategic plan of the SU you can read how the mission, which is set in 2012, is maintained. The plan gives the direction and position of the SU in the next 4 years. The stated mission was and is '' promoting the academic development and welfare of the students of the UT ''. That mission is worked out in Ambitions.
After reading, the Council considered that the plan was rather vague and that it needed some explanation. This explanation will be given in the annual plans and there should be more clarity about the outlined vision then.

At first it seemed desirable to ask for the right of assent on this annual plans. During the consultation meeting the Executive Board, however, promised that if the Council really should not agree with the annual plans, he can appeal to the Board on that point. In addition, during the preliminary phase of the annual plans the students groups will take part in the discussions with the SU.

The Council has therefore withdrawn his request and agreed with the Strategic Plan.

ICT in education

The Executive Board wants to reinforce the quality, efficiency and attractiveness of education at UT through ICT. A university like the UT with its High Tech Human Touch profile should distinguish itself positive on this point, according to the Board. Therefore she would like to set up a learning store. This learning store includes among others scientific articles, MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) and different assignments.

The University Council has approved the plans. The Council considers it important that in the development of this learning store the teachers and students determine what kind of information it will contain. Therefore, in January 2016 the Council will be informed about how the requests from the side of the teachers and students will be realized. In addition, the Board promised that this process will be carried out as much as possible with existing staff. Furthermore, in the annual UT-budget an overview of the investments in ICT in education will be given based on concrete plans. And, of course, both the University Council and the Executive Board prefer an evaluation of the implemented plans and achieved results and therefore this will take place annually.

The procedure Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RA&E)

Health, safety and security are largely delegated to the deans and service directors, but the way in which you report on risks, make improvement plans and consult about this is registered in the RA&E procedure. "Adequate" finds the UC on most of the plan, but in the section "computer work" the UC disagrees with the Executive Board. Until now, the standard is that a health and safety officer visits each new staff member and the Board wants to change into "online tools" to determine if you need advice. From the point of view of prevention (RSI/KANS can have major consequences for the functioning) the UC thinks this is not a good idea, especially now that more and more international staff comes from countries where health and safety cannot be taken for granted. Further consultation is necessary at this point.

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The Integrity Code

The UC recognizes the desirability of a code in which the different parts for integer Board, work and study is described. This umbrella document may refer to development in areas, such as ancillary activities, scientific integrity, sexual harassment, complaints, etc. The UC and the Board concluded that, on the one hand, the code should be extended with regard to the role of the employer and, on the other hand, the document should be focused more on integrity and less on general desired behavior. The decision was postponed.

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The University Council 2015 – 2016 and The Executive Board

From left to right:

Jacqueline Ribberink (griffier), Barend Köbben (CC), Laila Tijink (griffie), Jan de Goeijen (CC), Ed Brinksma (Board Member/Rector Magnificus), Julian Abbing (UReka), Gert Brinkman (PvdUT), Tim Schuitema (UReka), Frank van den Berg (CC), Kees van Ast (Dep. Vice-President of the Board), Herman Poorthuis (CC), Pleuni Verdijk (UReka), Dick Meijer (PvdUT), Bas Hottenhuis (UReka), Karim El Assal (DAS), Erik van Keulen (Secretaris UT), Steven Manders (DAS), Pim de Vente (DAS), Mirjam Bult-Spiering (Vice-President of the Board), Victor van der Chijs (President of the Board), Herbert Wormeester (Chairman UC).

Afwezig: Joep Kiewiet (DAS), Anton Stoorvogel (CC), Janique Westerbeek (PvdUT), Jörgen Svensson.

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