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declaring your candidacy

Declaring your candidacy

You need to declare your candidacy to stand for the University Council elections before 17.00 p.m. on Wednesday 12 April 2017 at Spiegel room 3.14

The candidacy registration forms are available at the Central Polling Committee. To stand as a candidate you need to submit a list with at least one candidate (and a maximum of fifteen candidates) and signatures of at least five voters (students or employees of the UT), who do not also occur on the candidate list. If there are errors in the submitted forms, these can be corrected.

Besides submitting your own list of candidates, it is also possible to join an existing party. The following parties are represented on the University Council: UReka, DAS, PvdUT and Campus Coalitie (CC). But starting your own list is always a possibility.

For any questions of comments you can contact the Central Polling Committee tel. 2026 /2027 or e-mail to: