To cast your vote during the election, you have to log in using a ‘User Name’ and a ‘Password’. The ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ have been issued to you once in a special letter from the ITBE. As ‘User Name’ you fill in a small letter "m" (for employees) or "s" (for student), followed by the first seven numbers of the employee/student number. This number can be found on your employee/student card. If you do not remember your Password, you can get a new password at the ITBE-helpdesk. For this you need to go to the ITBE-helpdesk yourself and identify yourself with your employee/student card. (The ITBE-helpdesk is placed at the Vrijhof, beside the library, tel. 053 - 489 2311. The helpdesk is open from Monday until Friday from 08.30 am till 17.30 pm). If you want to change your password you can do that on the site: (students) or (employees)