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Declaring your candidacy

Declaring your candidacy

You need to declare your candidacy to stand for the University Council elections before

5 PM on Wednesday, 1st April 2009. Candidacy registration forms are available at the Central Polling Committee (Spiegel, room 300). To stand as a candidate you need to submit a list with at least one candidate (and a maximum of fifteen candidates) and signatures of at least five voters (employees or students registered at the UT). If there are errors in the submitted forms, these can be corrected.

Besides submitting your own list of candidates, it is also possible to join an existing party such as UReka or Campus Coalitie (CC). The advantage of this is that there is a lot of experience within these parties and there is an existing party organization to support you. But starting your own list is always a possibility.


The University Council scrutinizes the policies of the Executive Board of the university. The Council can request information and give advice it is wishes. The Executive Board is required to seriously respond to these requests.

Council members meet in an election cycle. First, there is a presidium meeting during which the agenda is established. Then, committee meetings take place to study the policy proposals in detail. During the internal meeting after that, the Council tries to reach consensus on the proposals. These are then discussed with the Executive Board during the deliberation meeting during which the Executive Board and the Council try to reach agreement. The latter meetings are open to the public and covered by UT-Nieuws. These meetings take between 1 and 6 hours a week. In addition to that Council members occupy themselves with all sorts of discussions, party meetings, etc.

Students are compensated for their membership of the University Council. They receive at least € 1.990 per year. If they occupy special positions in the Council they can receive an additional € 850.

Employees receive an amount of € 365, - per year. They also are compensated in time for there work in the University Council. The Faculty or Services are compensated for this.


The voting period is from Monday May 11th until Friday May 15th 2009. The election campaign already starts before. There is a budget for every party taking part in the elections to cover campaign expenses. Voting takes place via the internet. All students receive an invitation to vote by e-mail.

Election results are announced on Friday afternoon at 5 PM.