At University College Twente students live and work together. Learning is not confined to the classroom.

The interaction with lecturers will alternate with working, doing sports and relaxing together with other students. This makes University College Twente an engaging and motivating learning environment. A true learning community.


The University College Twente was founded in 2013, opening its doors to its first class of pioneers in September of that year. Students immediately took the lead in building the community, and the founding class of 2016 has created a rich learning environment, developing a close-knit community of students and staff. Students have organized a wide range of activities, including a Christmas concert for lecturers and families by a contemporary orchestra of in-house musicians, a study trip to Geneva to visit an 'ATLAS' particle physics experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN as well as to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. Students also participated in the world’s largest-ever student relay race (in Dutch: Batavierenrace).


Since January 2014 University College Twente has had its own student association – ATLANTIS. The association serves various purposes: it organizes activities to bring the ATLAS student community closer together, and it gives feedback to the teaching staff in order to improve the organization and structure of the educational programme.


To foster and encourage a true learning community, ATLAS students decided to create an Honour Code. By signing the Code, each student pledges to embody the spirit of honour and integrity represented by four core values: Respect, Trust, Integrity and Role. The Honour Code is based on the simple premise that, given the choice, people will do the right thing. It means that our students take charge of their own education and personal development. This illustrates their commitment to their personal role at the University College Twente.


University College Twente is an on-campus residential college. All our students are provided with guaranteed on-campus housing for the first two years of the programme. During this time, you will live together, forming an inclusive and supportive living environment. These living arrangements will help you and your fellow-students form a strong sense of shared identity. The international profile of the University College Twente fosters peer-to-peer learning through the sharing of cultures, experiences and discoveries as you progress through the programme.

Campus of university of twente

The University of Twente is the only university in the Netherlands with a true campus. A campus is a large area where all educational buildings, facilities and laboratories are located, and where all teaching and research take place. On campus, students can find housing, do their groceries, participate in sports, have a meal, or go out for the evening. A campus gives a university a completely unique atmosphere. That's what makes the University of Twente so special. Approximately 2,000 students live on campus, and the campus grounds are frequented by some 10,000 students every day.

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