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About University College Twente

The launching of University College Twente in 2013 marked the beginning of a totally new way of learning. We broke the mould, or rather, began to give shape to a new one: a unique learning environment designed to equip talented, motivated and broadly interested students for tackling the complex challenges of our time. As our first graduates begin to fan out across the world, we believe more than ever that the UCT approach is a bullseye


Defining University College Twente is as impossible as pigeonholing ‘the typical UCT student’. But we do have some distinctive features – characteristics that make us really different. We’ve listed five of them below.

  1. We’re interested in out-of-the-box students
  2. We combine technology and engineering with social sciences
  3. We are an on-campus community where students study, work and live together 24/7
  4. Our self-regulated learning concept means no fixed courses, no exams, no grades
  5. Students are our starting point: we invest heavily in your personal development


University College Twente offers a unique Bachelor's programme, Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS), that brings technology and society in exciting ways. The ATLAS programmes offers you a unique approach to engineering education. Our goal is to raise a new and different kind of engineer and global citizen. As an ATLAS graduate, you will be equipped to address global challenges and to design solutions across a wide range of complex social, cultural and political contexts.

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University College Twente is a richly diverse community, with students coming from many different backgrounds: 62% are from the Netherlands, 19% from other EU/EEA countries and 19% from outside EU/EEA. The countries that our current students represent are: the Netherlands, Germany, Aruba, Romania, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Estonia, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago , Italy, Ireland, Swiss, UK, USA, Thailand and China.