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Session 3: Innovation and implementation proces of TOM

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Session 2: Innovation and implementation proces of TOM

12.00 - 13.00

This interactive session is about the implementation approach of our education model. TOM started with a clear vision from a small group of innovators about education. A selection of programme directors formed a core team of innovators, shaping the outlines of TOM on a curricular level. The TOM has a modular structure of 15 EC blocks and each module contains a project. This vision, the structure and outlines of TOM were implemented top-down.
The aim of this modular structure was however to enable flexibility. The large modules of ten weeks each offer teachers the opportunity to use innovative teaching methods. It gives room for bottom-up ideas and innovations.
In order to help teachers and programme directors with the completion of TOM the Programme office of educational innovation organized several events, seminars, so-called TOM carousels etc. The Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching offers advice and trainings.

In this session we will offer an explanation about our organizational structure and the interventions we used to support this big innovation. We will discuss the success factors and the pitfalls of our implementation process and we will discuss the challenges we are facing today.