Programme 2018

Session 2: Project-led education at the University of Twente

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Session 1:  Project-led education at the University of Twente

10.30 - 11.30

Key element of our Twente educational Model (TOM) is Project- Based Learning. The TOM has a modular structure of 15 EC blocks. Each module contains a project, some of the projects are groups projects other projects are individual. Within these project students can either go more in depth in a topic of their domain (specialisation) or link the domain specific knowledge to other domains and societal issues (broadening).

Projects are the perfect opportunity for students to become more and more Student-Driven during the programme. We aim to give students the responsibility over their learning immediately at day one, and give them more and more freedom to be in charge of their learning during the years that they study here. During their study students can get more freedom on different aspects, for example: the resources they use, formulating their own project groups, the methods in which they work towards a final product, the time and place where they study, formulating their own project assignments.To realize all of this, the role of the teacher has to change. He has to become more of a facilitator instead of the lecturer.

During this workshop you will get an insight in our projects, how we try to work towards Student-Driven curricula and what the role of the teacher is in the whole picture.