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Summary 2018

Also this year educational advisors and teachers from several countries were welcomed at the Design Lab of the University of Twente to be informed about the Twente Educational Model (TOM) or, in Dutch Twents Onderwijsmodel (TOM).

Opening by ir. Frank van den Berg and Anne Muller, MSc.

In this presentation Frank van den Berg and Anne Muller explained what TOM is. 

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Project-led education by Danielle Kuiphuis Aagten, MSc (Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching)

Danielle Kuiphuis - Aagten introduced a case to work on: The assignment of this workshop was to design a High Tech Human Touch module, based on some given information. For this assignment, the visitors used the 'Module Poster', a tool also module teams use to design their module. The visitors formed teams and worked on their design. 

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More information about the whiteboard module poster:

Innovation and implementation TOM by ir. Frank van den Berg and Anne muller, Msc.

The initial phase started with a vision of the new vice chancellor. After a year of discussions with the deans, he formed an independent working group to develop an educational model. A small group of about 10 persons, including two students, some education directors and the winner of the education price.
The university implemented an abstract vision and the structure (10 weeks, 15 ECTS, full time, working in module teams) top-down. The idea was to provide freedom to design the modules. In the charcoal sketch sessions it was not that hard to come up with the rough sketches.
When looking back we can conclude that the perception of the programme staff was that it was very top down: too many rules and regulations. The perception of the support staff, however, was that there was too much freedom.

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