The University of Twente invites you for one of the TOM Seminars on the 6 of november 2018, the 5th of february 2019 our the 28th of may 2019:

'The ins and outs of TOM: project-led and student driven education'.

We offer a 1 or a 1.5 day TOM Seminar on:

  • The 6th (and the 7th) of November 2018
  • The 5th (and the 6th) of February 2019
  • The 28th (and the 29th) of May

For more information visit at our programme.

Our changing society asks for ‘T-shaped professionals’: graduates who know the depth of their field but are also capable of stepping off the beaten tracks and apply their knowledge more broadly, in collaboration with other disciplines and society. This is why we developed the Twente Education Model (TOM). Students learn theory and skills in 15EC thematic modules. Our education promotes active learning, is project-led and student centered. In September 2013 all bachelor programmes were redesigned according TOM. In the summer of 2016, the first TOM students graduated.