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Reconstructing layer composition with photoelectrons


Reconstructing layer composition with photoelectrons

Contact: Dr. P. Phadke, p.phadke@utwente.nlĀ 

Project nature: Experimental, Data analysis, Simulation

X-Ray Photoelectron spectroscopy is a powerful, non-destructive tool to reliably evaluate near surface compositions of thin films up to about 5 nm depth. Angle resolved XPS adds additional information which encodes the depth dependent concentrations of various materials of interest. The inverse problem of reconstructing the in-depth concentrations from experimental photoelectron (PE) intensities can be solved either for simple cases of well-defined layers or by ignoring effects of interfaces between thin layers.

This (bachelors/masters) assignment aims to study and develop a method to unravel the PE intensity contributions from layers with defined interfaces and stacking order. The work done here will grant you hands on experience of thin film deposition and characterization using XPS. It will also challenge your skills in data processing, programming and maths.

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