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Development of X-ray reflectivity for thin film and multilayer structures


Development of X-ray reflectivity for thin film and multilayer structures.
Contact : Dr. ir. Igor Makhotkin (   

X-Ray reflectivity (XRR) is one of the most useful characterization techniques for thin films and multilayers. XRR has the following benefits: it is non-destructive, compatible with ambient or gas atmosphere environments, suitable for in-operando measurements of thin film processes (think of heat induced diffusion for example) and measurements can be performed using lab equipment.

The “only” challenge in GIXR analysis is the reconstruction of the thin film information from the measurement. The reconstruction of the thin film structure from measured data requires a complex approach of fitting calculated reflectivity from a model of the thin film to the measured data, varying the parameters of a fit model.

Within this project you will apply and further develop state-of-the-art assumption independent algorithms used for thin film characterization. The beauty of this project is that your skills developed in this thin film metrology project will be useful for a large variety of research fields where thin films are applied. Examples can be found in photovoltaics, thin film batteries research, and even in life science research on lipid membranes.