Curriculum Vitae

Qian Yu was born on November 2nd 1988 in Hebei, China. In 2007, she entered into East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) for her bachelor study of Chemical Engineering. In 2010, she came to Lübeck (Germany) to study Environmental Engineering in Lübeck University of Applied Science (FHL). In 2011, she obtained a double-degree conferred by ECUST and FHL. Subsequently, she participated in an international Master program specialized in Waste Process Engineering in University of Stuttgart. In the year 2013, she did a nine-month internship in BASF SE, Ludwigshafen (Germany) with the topic of Dynamic Simulation of Conti/ Batch Distillation Processes.

In May 2014, she came to University of Twente for her PhD study. Her research is relevant to energy-efficient method of CO2 capture from ambient air under the supervision of D.W.F. Brilman and Prof. dr. S.R.A. Kersten.