Curriculum Vitae

Boelo Schuur received his MSc in Chemical engineering (2003), his MSc in chemical education (2004) and his PhD in chemical engineering (2008) all from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. The topic of his PhD thesis was “enantioselective liquid-liquid extraction in centrifugal contactor separators”.

After obtaining his PhD from Groningen University, he accepted a position as assistant professor in the group of Prof. De Haan at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. During the first years of his appointment in Eindhoven, he was a visiting scientist in the Hatton group at MIT (Cambridge Massachusetts, US) and in the Pina group at Universidade Nova in Lisbon, Portugal. In both visits, he worked on the development of photoresponsive surfactants. Next to photoresponsive surfactants for separation purposes, the research interests of Boelo Schuur are affinity solvents for liquid phase separations such as liquid-liquid extractions, absorptions, and extractive distillations.

In Eindhoven, Boelo is daily supervisor of 5 PhD students working on ISPT projects Topics are extractive distillation with ionic liquids as solvents to increase the relative volatility of the mixtures, removal of highly polar compounds from aqueous solutions, water removal from high boiling hygroscopic compounds, and trace removal from waste-water streams. Separation technologies that are used for these separations are (reactive) liquid-liquid extraction, solvent impregnated resin based separations (hybrid between adsorption & extraction), and induced phase splitting separations. Next to these projects, Boelo is also active in an ISPT project on enantioseparation.

Early 2011, STW awarded research grants in the SMARTSEP programme to two of the research proposals that were (co)written by Boelo. These projects include separations using magneto responsive fluids, and kinetic extractive resolution. With the kinetic extractive resolution Boelo continues to work in the field of enantioseparation, while expanding the work area to stimuli responsive materials with the visits to MIT and Lisbon, and the new project on magneto responsive fluids.

As from July 1, 2011, Boelo Schuur has accepted a position at the University of Twente, where he continues his work on affinity solvents and stimuli responsive affinity solvents, with a focus at biomass separations. With two projects on enantioseparation, this topic remains an important field.