Cover Images

Selected Cover images from our research - follow the linkS to read the paper connected to the article. 

Polyethylene-mimics with thiophene units and conductive surfaces: Synthesis and Crystallization (2021):

Polyethylene-mimics with phosphate breaking points: Synthesis and Crystallization (2020):

Marine plastic pollution: Strategies to design seawater-degradable polymers (2021):


Drug delivery in plants: Release of agrochemicals in grapevine plants as a general and new concept for future agriculture (2019):

Aziridines and Azetidines: A review of polyamines by different polymerization techniques (2019):

Polymersomes and Liopsomes: Mimicking of natural cells by synthetic or artificial cell-like systems (2018):

Organocatalyzed ring-opening polymerization of activated aziridines (2018):

Giant vesicles based on block copolymers with additional functionality (2018):

Redox-active polyaziridines by anionic polymerization - a fine piece of synthetic polymer chemistry (2016):

PPEylation of proteins: Polyphosphoesters as degradable alternatives to poly(ethylene glycol) (2016):

Polyphosphoester Nanoparticles loaded with drugs and adhesion to bone substituent materials (2014):

Squaric Acid-mediated bioconjugations: A review article on a useful coupling protocol (2013):