SEED Members


Daud Abdoh joined our group to work on the development of crack initiation and propagation models for solid oxide cells. Daud joins us from Hong Kong after finishing his PhD at the City Univeristy of Hong Kong and brings expertise on novel computational methods for fracture modelling that will be invaluable to the group!

Project: Solid Oxide Electrolyser modelling: Exploring scale-up of cell size

Suman joined our group to work on the development of novel coking and temperature-resistant catalysts for COmethanation and integrate them into proton ceramic electrolysis cells. Suman obtained her PhD from IIT Ropar in India. Her research on Development of visible light active heterojunction photocatalysts for production of hydrogen and value-added chemicals will certainly bring valuable synthesis and characterisation experience to the group!

Project: CO2 methanation using high temperature proton-conducting ceramic electrolysers

PhD Students

Hilbert Keestra joined our group to work on deactivation modelling of Cu-Zn catalysts for CO2 to methanol. He will start by looking at phase-field models to understand the structural evolution of these catalysts under operation over their lifetime. Hilbert obtained his MSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Twente and brings a wide array of modelling interests from the micro to the macro scales! He is jointly supervised by Wim Brilman and Edwin Zondervan from the Sustainable Process Technology Group.

Project: Deactivation modelling of commercial Cu-ZnO-Al2Ocatalysts for CO2 to methanol