Piotr Krzywda

Project description

Project: “Electrochemical reduction of N2 to ammonia using functionalized hollow fiber electrodes

Ammonia is one of the most important chemicals worldwide, because of its role in nitrogen chemistry as well as in fertilizers industry. Currently, synthesis of ammonia on industrial scale is based on Haber-Bosch process, according to which the reaction of dinitrogen with dihydrogen occurs. However, few disadvantages of this process exists such as high temperatures and high pressure during reaction, high energy necessity for preparation of the gas feed and large amount of CO2 which is released to the atmosphere. For these reasons, looking for new ways of ammonia synthesis seems to be reasonable.

My focus is to investigate the applicability of the hollow fiber concept in the electrochemical reduction of nitrogen to ammonia. The main goals are preparation of inorganic hollow fibers, selection and incorporation of homogeneous catalyst to the conducting tubes and optimization of process parameters. The project will be performed in cooperation with industrial partners.