Research Backgroud

Research background in “Organic Solar cells” is established during my master course. In the addition of design and fabricate large-area OSCs which is main project during the master course, I also worked on synthesis of N and P types metal oxide nanostructures like ZnO nanowire, NiO based core/shell nanoparticles using various deposition techniques such as magnetron sputtering, chemical vapor deposition, electrochemical and/or sol-gel methods as the buffer layers of hybrid organic solar cells which act as electron and/or hole transport layers.

On-going project

Research project of mine is synthesis and characterization of Nanostructured Solar-to-Fuel devices. To improve the performance of photocatalyst-mediated photoelectrochemical reaction such as water splitting and CO2 reduction, I aim to design and integrate the functional photocatalysts into 3-dimensional photoelectrode like p/n-Si nanopillar. And their electrical and optical properties will be characterized more systematically.