Dr. Engin Karabudak


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), Material Science Department, (Prof Dr. Sossina Haile), USA

B.S. Bilkent University Chemistry Department, (Prof. Dr. Sefik Suzer), TR

M.S. Sabanci University, Quantum Transport & Nano Electronics Laboratory, (Assoc. Dr. Ismet I. Kaya), <Master Thesis PDF>, TR

Ph.D. Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces , (Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti and Dr. Habil Helmut Coelfen), DE (12.December.2009) <PhD Thesis PDF>

P.D. MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology, (Prof. Dr. Han Gardeniers, Prof Dr. Gudio Mul) , NL 

Research Interests:

Artificial Photosynthesis, Microfluidics, Attenuated Total Reflectance, Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Ultracentrifug, Electron electron scattering in Two dimensional Electron Gas

Email: e.karabudak@utwente.nl
Phone: 053-4894798
Room: ME-212
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellowat MCS labs at MESA+
Personal Website: enginkarabudak.yolasite.com

Current Research:

Since July 2011, I am developing my own research line in the direction of artificial photosynthesis with “Towards Bisolar Cells” Grant (983.000 €) Grant idea about artificial photosynthesis is invented, developed by myself. I have initiated a network for the grant (Prof. Gardeniers from University of Twente, Prof. Joost Reek and Prof. Brouwer from University of Amsterdam). I wrote the Twente University part of the grant. 1/3 of the money will be received by the University of Twente.

Publications: International (refereed) Journals:

Publications at Bilkent University Chemistry Department, Ankara, Turkey:

1) (Impact Factor: 1.849) (Cited 5 times) “XPS analysis with pulsed voltage stimuli”, Karabudak E, Demirok UK, Suzer S., Surface Science, Volume: 600, Issue: 2, Pages L12-L14, Jan 2006

Publications at Max Planck Institute of Colloids, Potsdam, Germany:

2) (Impact Factor: 2.443) (Cited 9 times) “Performance of a fast fiber based UV/Vis multiwavelength detector for analytical Ultracentrifugation”, Strauss HM., Karabudak E., Bhattacharyya S., Kretzschmar A., Wohlleben W., Coelfen H. , Colloid and Polymer Science, Volume 286, Issue 2, Pages 121-128, Feb 2008.

3) (Impact Factor: 2.387) (Cited 3 times) “Investigation of β-carotene–gelatin composite particles with a multiwavelength UV/vis detector for the analytical ultracentrifuge”, Engin Karabudak, Wendel Wohlleben and Helmut Coelfen; European Biophysics Journal, Feb 2010, Volume:39, Issue:3, Pages: 397-403

4) (Impact Factor: 2.387) (Cited 4 times) “The Open AUC Project” Helmut Coelfen, Thomas Laue, Wendel Wohlleben, Kristian Schilling, Engin Karabudak, Bradley Langhorst, Emre Brookes, Bruce Dubbs, Dan Zollars, Mattia Rocco, Borries Demeler; European Biophysics journal : Feb 2010, Volume:39, Issue:3, Pages: 347-59

Publications at BASF SE Global Competence Center, Ludwigshafen, Germany:

5) (Impact Factor: 5.476) (Cited 7 times) “Determination of the Surfactant Density on SWCNTs by Analytical Ultracentrifugation”, Claudia Backes, Engin Karabudak, Cordula D. Schmidt, Frank Hauke, Andreas Hirsch and Wendel Wohlleben, Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 16, Issue 44, pages 13176 – 13184, November 22, 2010

6) (Impact Factor: 3.339) (Cited 2 times) “A Universal Ultracentrifuge Spectrometer Visualizes CNT-Intercalant-Surfactant Complexes”, Engin Karabudak, Claudia Backes, Frank Hauke, Cordula D. Schmidt, Helmut Cölfen, Andreas Hirsch and Wendel Wohlleben, ChemPhysChem, Volume 11, Issue 15, Pages 3224-3227, October 25, 2010

7) “Exchanging surfactants during band sedimentation to fractionate carbon nanotubes by diameter”, Engin Karabudak, Claudia Backes, Frank Hauke, Cordula D. Schmidt, Nicolas, Berhard, Johnathan N. Coleman, Wendel Wohlleben, Andreas Hirsch (submitted to ACS Nano)

Beschreibung: figure_1

Publications at MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology, Enschede, The Netherlands:

8) (Impact Factor: 5.874) “ATR-IR Nanofluidic Chip: On-line Spectroscopic analysis of Knoevenagel Condensation and intermediates in 71 nL, Engin Karabudak, Barbara L. Mojet, Stefan Schlautmann, Guido Mul, Han Gardeniers (accepted to Analytical Chemistry 2012)

9) “A Nano-sized Photoreactor: the ideal platform for homogeneous light exposure and molecular composition”, Engin Karabudak, Stefan Schlautmann, Guido Mul, Han (J.G.E.) Gardeniers, (submitted to Lab on a chip)

10) “On the pathway of Photoexcited electrons: Probing Photon-to-Electron and Photon-to-Phonon conversions on Silicon by ATR-IR”, Engin Karabudak, Emre Yuce, Stefan Schlautmann, Guido Mul, Han (J.G.E.) Gardeniers, in preparation.


Postdoc in Artificial Photosynthesis/Microfluidics: : in the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group, University of Twente. Since July 2011.

Postdoc in Photocatalytics: in PCS group, University of Twente, Subject: Synthesis and characterization of metal containing mesoporous material TUD-1 for photocatalytic applications, November 2010 – July 2011.

Postdoc in Microfluidics/ATR: in the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group, University of Twente. Subject: Confinement in lithographically defined microfluidic nanochannels studied with ATR-IR July 2009 – October 2010.

Technology transfer to BASF AG: performed transfer of technology to BASF SE global competence center, May-June 2009

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry: Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany, 14/12/2009, Supervised by Prof. Dr. Marcus Antonietti and Dr. habil Helmut Coelfen. Title of thesis: “Development of MWL-AUC/CCD-AUC/SLS-AUC Detectors for Analytical Ultracentrifuge: Study of proteins/nanoparticles/quantum dots/CNTs in solution phase and their interactions

M.Sc. in Material Science: Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey, 15/09/2006, Supervised by Assoc. Prof. I.I. Kaya. Thesis Title: “Investigation of negative resistance induced by directional scattering in a two dimensional electron gas”

B.Sc. in Chemistry: Bilkent University, 15/01/2004, Ankara, Turkey. Supervised by Assoc. Prof. Gershon Borovsky, Thesis Title: “A new type of Direct Methanol Cell

Fellowship in Material Science: California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), USA, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), July 2003 - September 2003

Scholarships, Grants and Prizes:

October 2010: “Towards Bisolar Cells” Grant (983.000 €) Grant idea about artificial photosynthesis is invented, developed by myself. I have initiated a network for the grant (Prof. Gardeniers from University of Twente, Prof. Joost Reek and Prof. Brouwer from University of Amsterdam). I wrote the Twente University part of the grant. 1/3 of the money will be received by the University of Twente.

June 2009: certificate for technology transfer to BASF SE global competence center

October 2006 – April 2009: Full Scholarship for PhD from Max Planck Society, Germany

2006-2004: Full scholarship in Master of Material Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

July 2003 -September 2003: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), , California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), Pasadena, Los Angles, USA

July 2002-September 2002: Max Planck Institute Foreign Researcher Scholarship, Germany

2002: Motorola Flash Microcontroller Design Contest ParticipantMotorola Flash Microcontroller Design Contest: Selected as representative of Department of Electrical and Electronics and Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey. Full Development of new instrument called “Automatic Photometric Titration Machine” and presenting it in Motorola Design Contest in Ciragan Palace, 31st March 2002, Istanbul, Turkey., Istanbul, Turkey

1998-2004: Full Scholarship from Bilkent University Chemistry Department (Top Chemistry Department in Turkey; accepting only 15 students that are qualified with top marks in National University Exam)

1998: National University Exam (Turkey wide): Became 1470th over 1,000,000 students; which corresponds to 0.1 % of all students in Turkey

1997: Kocaeli University Mathematic Olympics: Second Degree, Kocaeli, Turkey

1995: National High School Exam (Turkey wide) qualified for entering “Golcuk Anatolian High School”, (educated in English), Golcuk, Turkey

Brief Summary of past research:

The past research have been dedicated to the development of novel spectroscopy techniques and utilizing them for the purposes of better analyses of chemicals in extraordinary conditions or quantities.

Firstly, a novel X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy that is called is called “pulsed voltage XPS” is developed.

Secondly, In particular so-called MW-AUC ( a novel UV/Vis spectroscopy technique) has been evaluated for separating a semiconductor solution by size in atomic resolution and taking UV/Vis spectra of individual fractions. With the help of this method, quantum size effect for CdTe semiconductors has been studied. During the transfer of this technology to BASF, carbon nanotube and ligand interactions were also analyzed utilizing MW-AUC.

Thirdly, after changing the research topic to microfluidics, the problem of scarcity of the online chemical detection techniques that can work with micro- and nano volumes has been encountered. Another problem was that the techniques had not been designed for specific needs of microfluidic research. The so-called novel Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy (ATR-IR) has been developed and infrared spectra of liquids inside lithographically defined nanochannels of nano/microfluidic chips has been recorded. The smallest volume infrared study in the literature has been achieved and the first nanofluidic photoreactor with simultaneous IR analysis has been developed. 

While performing research on microfluidics, a microfluidic approach to photosynthesis has been developed. Utilizing the ‘microfluidic photosynthetic leaf’ recent result about water oxidation inside a microfluidic chip has been achieved. Research on fabricating an artificial leaf is in progress.

Important Workshops and Schools attended:

NIOK Course: Characterization in Catalysis Research, Eindoven University, 24-26 January 2011

NIOK, Catalysis, An Integrated Approach, Schiermonnikoog, 21-26 November 2010

Artificial Leaf Workshop, Lorentz Center, Leiden University, 1-5 February 2010

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology Workshop, MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology, University of Twene, January 2010

Teaching Experinece:

2004- 2006: Teaching assistantship at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. Lecturing/ problem solving/

General Chemistry (2 semesters, 3 hours a week)

Differential Equations (1 semester, 3 hours a week)

Material Science (1 semester, 3 hours a week)

Scientific Visits:

09-13 January 2012: Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Center, Denmark Technical University, invited by Prof. Soren Dahl (head of CASE).

Invited Talks:

1) Oral Presentation at CASE (Catalysis for Sustainable Energy) center at Denmark Technical University, Title: "ATR-IR integrated micro-nano fluidic chips: Mechanistic study with nanoliters and first nanofluidic photoreactor", 09.January.2012


2)Energy and Materials from The Sun, June 20-23, 2011, Rolduc Abbey, The Netherlands (Poster presentation).

3)Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Conference, NCCC, XII, 2011 (Poster Presentation)

4)NIOK Course: Characterization in Catalysis Research, Eindhoven University, 24-26 January 2011

5)NIOK, Catalysis, An Integrated Approach, Schiermonnikoog, 21-26 November 2010

6)Artificial Leaf Workshop, Lorentz Center, Leiden University, 1-5 February 2010

7)Fundamentals of Nanotechnology Workshop, MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology, University of Twente, January 2010

8)Fundamentals of Nanotechnology Workshop, 2-6 November 2009, Enschede, The Netherlands

9)125th The Svedberg Anniversary; 18th International AUC Conference 13-18 September.2009, Uppsala University, Sweden; “New Generation of Multiwavelength Analytical Ultracentrifugation” (Invited by Conference committee Oral presentation)

10)Analytical Ultracentrifuge 2008 Conference, New Castle, UK (Oral Presentation)

11)Analytical Ultracentrifuge 2007 Conference, Hannover, Germany (Poster presentation)

12)American Physical Society March 2008 meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Oral Presentation by Dr. Ismet I. Kaya (Abstract can be found at: http://absimage.aps.org/image/MWS_MAR08-2007-006905.pdf)


Instrumental Experience:

3 years hands on clean room experience (2 years during the master studies in Turkey, 1 year in MESA+ in Netherlands), experienced in lithography techniques including ebeam lithography, microwire bonding, anodic bonding, sputtering, coating etc…

Well trained in Attenuated Total Reflectance- infrared (ATR-IR), Cryogenic Cryostat down to 1,2 K Kelvin, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy , Raman Spectroscopy, Impedance Spectroscopy, Powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD), Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Ultracentrifugation, Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Cyclic Voltammetry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Scanning Electron microscopy.


Assembly Language: Excellent, Labview: Excellent, Java: Good

Mechanical Design:

Capable of using Autocad, Solid Works programs

Electronical Design:

Capable of digital and microprocessor design (see certificate from Motorola)

Optical Design:

Expert on Ocean optic portable spectrometers and accessories and able to program them efficiently.


English (Fluent), Turkish (Native), Dutch (Finished Follow up 1 level), German (Basic)


Offshore sailing, robotics, microelectronics, history, travelling