Bachelor/Master Assignments

Synergetic effects between Pt nanoparticles and and Cr-modified TiO2

Synergetic effects between Pt nanoparticles and

In this assignment the synergetic effect between Pt nanoparticles and Cr-doping on the photocatalytic performance of TiO2-based materials in the (selective) photooxidation of organic compounds will be evaluated. Recent results obtained in our lab suggest that among various dopant materials Cr is most effective in promoting the visible light activity of TiO2 and can be further improved by Pt nanoparticle deposition [1]. The origin of this synergy is not yet fully understood. However, to be able to systematically improve TiO2-based photocatalysts understanding this phenomena is of outermost importance. Hence, in this assignment Cr-doped TiO2 will be synthesized and the interaction of the materials surface with Pt nanoparticles will be studied using advanced characterization techniques and the photooxidation of organic compounds. Here mainly ATR spectroscopy will be utilized to in-situ follow the surface reaction and obtain kinetic parameters.

Schematic illustration of the (left) photoctalytic oxidation of organic compounds (right) optical absorption properties of Cr-modified TiO2 [1].

[1] Amrollahi Buky, Rezvaneh (2016) Tuning functionality of photocatalytic materials: an infrared study on hydrocarbon oxidation. thesis.