JM Burgers Center Course


09-13 May 2011 / Univ. Twente

Wetting and interfacial tensions play a crucial role for the behavior of fluids on length scales below the capillary length, which is typically of order 1mm. Typical application areas include well-established traditional fields such as coating technology, emulsification and oil recovery as well as recent fields such as microfluidic systems, inkjet printing technology, and immersion lithography.

The course will cover the basic theoretical models used to describe thin film flows in coating, wetting, and dewetting flows. Topics addressed during the course include wetting of patterned surfaces, superhydrophobic surfaces, contact line dynamics, theory of thin film (lubrication) flows, surface-stress driven flows, (Marangoni, thermocapillarity, electrowetting), two-phase flow micro-fluidics, drop generation.

Next to approximately 20 lectures, the program also contains ample time for discussions in the form of tutorial and in extended case studies for the evening program. Friday morning is reserved to the presentation of the results of the cases by the participants of the course.


University of Twente / Enschede, Hotel Drienerburght ( A number of hotel rooms have been reserved at the Drienerburght.


The course fee for Ph.D. students from registered JMBC groups is 150€, which includes course materials, lunch, course dinner and accommodation. For non-JMBC PhD students, the fee is 150€, but without reimbursement for the accommodation.


Registration is only possible by filling in the hard copy registration form (given in JMBC course guide) and sending it back to the JMBC secretariat or by online registration.


12:00 – 13:00h registration + lunch
13:00h welcome: Frieder Mugele
13:00h Frieder Mugele: Wetting basics
14:00h Anton Darhuber: Surface tension, capillary forces and disjoining pressure I
15:00h Anton Darhuber: Surface tension, capillary forces and disjoining pressure II
16:00h Frieder Mugele: Capillarity in cylindrical symmetry
17:00h Jacco Snoeijer: Lubrication
18:00h dinner
19:30h presentation of cases
20:30h work on cases (with lecturers)

9:00h Jacco Snoeijer: Coating flows
10:00h Michiel Kreutzer: Two-phase flow in microchannels I
11:15h Michiel Kreutzer: Two-phase flow in microchannels II
12:00h lunch
14:00h tutorial & discussion asymptotic matching & Landau-Levich films
15:00h Jacco Snoeijer: Contact line dynamics
16:00h Jacco Snoeijer: Contact line dynamics II
17:00h Michel Riepen: Immersion Lithography – an industrial application of contact line dynamics
18:15h workshop dinner
20:30h working classes

9:00h Frieder Mugele: Wetting of heterogeneous surfaces
10:00h Frieder Mugele: Superhydrophobic surfaces
11:15h Anton Darhuber: Surface tension gradient driven flows
12:15h lunch
14:00h Anton Darhuber: Thermocapillary flows
15:00h Anton Darhuber: Surfactant-driven and solutocapillary flows
16:00h tutorial & discussion Marangoni flows
17:00h labtour Physics of Complex Fluids and Physics of Fluids group
19:30h dinner & free case work

9:00h Jacco Snoeijer: Force and energy balance arguments in wetting
10:00h Frieder Mugele: Principles of electrowetting
11:15h Frieder Mugele: Electrowetting applications
12:15 lunch
14:00h Michiel Kreutzer:Drop generation I
15:00h Michiel Kreutzer: Drop generat. II
16:00h tutorial & discussion drop generation
18:15h dinner
20:30h preparation final presentations

9:00h participant presentations of case studies (15min + 10min discussion per group)
12:00h closure
12:15h lunch

(Minor changes in the program may apply.)


will be available at, or directly from:

  • Frieder Mugele,
  • Jacco Snoeijer
  • Anton Darhuber
  • Michiel Kreutzer