Postdoc opening: High frequency nanocapacitor biosensors

Postdoc position in high-frequency nanocapacitor array biosensors

Job specification

The group Nanoionics seeks qualified candidates for a postdoc position in biosensing based on AC detection at large-scale arrays of separately addressable nanoelectrodes. This platform is fully integrated on a state-of-the-art CMOS chip, which allows real-time impedance measurements with sub-micron spatial resolution at unprecedentedly high frequencies (50 MHz and up). This allows detection and fingerprinting of analytes ranging from macromolecules and inorganic nanoparticles to living cells. The research is carried out in close collaboration with semiconductors company NXP.

The postdoc will be active in the following areas:

  • Perform experiments on simple model analytes (e.g., colloidal nanospheres) to explore the physics of high-frequency detection on the nanoscale.
  • Perform proof-of-concept biosensing experiments on complex systems including viruses, artificial vesicles and living cells.
  • Contribute to understanding and modeling the physics of high-frequency impedance-based detection in complex fluids.

Your Profile

You hold a Ph.D. degree in physics and have an interest in both fundamental and applied aspects of electrical transport in liquids. Candidates with relevant experience and a Ph.D. in related disciplines such as biophysics, (physical) chemistry, electrical engineering and nanoscience are also welcome. While our primary focus is on experiments, interests and aptitudes in theory are also desirable. We aim at research at the highest international level and candidates who fit into this environment are welcome.

Information and application

You will be imbedded in the Nanoionics group, an internationally oriented group whose research focuses on electrostatics and electron transfer in liquid. Other research in the group currently focuses on nanoelectrochemistry, electroosmotic effects, novel scanning probes and nanofluidics. General information about the group can be found on our website at

The position is initially for 2 years. For further information please contact Prof. Serge Lemay (

Candidates are invited to upload their application, including an application letter, CV, and names/contact information of 3 or more references, to before January 31, 2015.