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Expanding Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy microscopy

Expanding Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Setup

dr. Christian Blum, Robert Molenaar Nanobiophysics Universiteit Twente.

BSc assignment for a Applied Physics or BMT student who has affinity to: optics, microscopy, biochemistry

For determing protein concentrations: Fluorescnce Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) is often used. In short: fluorescence intnsity of a diffraction limited volume is monitored over time. Measured Intensity and it's fluctulation give information about conentration and particle sizes due to it's brownian motion.

We currently expand our setup: with an aditional new UV laser want to study photon activated fluorescent molecules. And verify the molecule mobility after controlled heating, that altered the structure of molecules. 

Guidance  ing. Robert Molenaar email:

Supervision dr. Amin Fahkree Abolghassemi email:

(dec 2018)