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LSM 510 confocal

Zeiss LSM 510 confocal microscope

located in room ZuidHorst 175

The Zeiss LSM 510 is a confocal laser-scanning microscope from the MIRA institute, which is available for use by persons working at the University of Twente.  The microscope is an inverted confocal laser scanning microscope and is equipped with Argon, HeNe and Chameleon Ti:Sa lasers. Fluorochromes can be excited at wavelengths: 458, 477, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm. Furthermore the Chameleon is a pulsed laser that produces continuous tuning over the 690-nm to 1080-nm spectral range, which can be used for 2-photon excitation of for example DAPI.

Although the microscope can be equipped with heating tables, it is not optimized for imaging of living cells (no CO2 and humidity control). More information about the microscope and a quick-start manual can be found in the pdf files on the left menu. 

For proper use of the microscope and detection of fluorescence, it is necessary to know fluorescent properties of your fluorochrome(s). In most cases the excitation and emission spectra will do for this. There are several websites where you can check a lot of spectra of commercially available fluorescent molecules; these include the Java applets of Invitrogen Spectra Viewer (e.g. mito-/lysotracker dyes and Q-dots) and BD Spectrum Viewer.

For information about laser-safety: UT-Arbo working conditions for working with lasers.

For information regarding specific properties of the microscope and/or an introduction, please contact Amin Abolghassemi Fakhree ZH153, phone: 3561.  For Technical issues, please contact Robert Molenaar ZH273, phone: 3053.