van Dijk, MSc. V.H.A. (Vic)

Developing an ideal platform for adsorption

This project aims at developing an ideal platform for adsorption of components from a liquid mixture. This ideal platform should exhibit a high adsorption surface/volume ratio, low pressure drop and no diffusion limitations.

Hybrid membranes that consist of an organic skeleton surrounded by an inorganic compound (e.g. silica) offer the opportunity to unite the best of both research fields. Such a hybrid membrane promises to be mechanically flexible due to its polymeric skeleton, while giving the possibility to functionalise it using existing procedures applied in inorganic membrane science.

Taken from Ana M. Urmenyi, Albert P. Philipse, Rob G. H. Lammertink, and Matthias Wessling, Polymer-in-a-Silica-Crust Membranes: Macroporous Materials with Tunable Surface Functionality, Langmuir, 22, 12, 5459-5468, 2006,