PhD project

Polyelectrolyte complexation for the next generation of waterborne coatings

Jiaying Li (PhD Candidate), Wiebe de Vos (promotor), Jasper van der Gucht (promotor WUR) 

Duration: 2018-2022

Funding:  Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Block Consortium (ARC CBBC flagship project on Coatings)

A transition from mainly solvent-borne coating to waterborne coating is highly demanded in the current coating industry. This study helps to explore a different path far from traditional polymer studies.

Key words
Waterborne coatings, gas barrier, food packaging, polyelectrolytes, complexation

Technological challenges
The key of film formation in this study is polyelectrolyte complexation, which is not as well known as particle coalescence in the coating industry. The challenge is to utilize, characterize and understand the complexation process for the film formation step.

Research goals
The goal of this project is to build a new binder system for waterborne coating using polyelectrolyte complexation.