PhD project

Stirring the boundary layer via unsteady osmosis

Nicole Timmerhuis (PhD Candidate), Rob Lammertink (promotor)

Duration: 2018-2022

Funding: NWO Vici

This project tries to overcome mass transfer limitations that occur in the boundary layer near a catalytic surface. We try to achieve that by altering the wall characteristics to make the liquid in the boundary layer move. Processes can be executed at higher production rates and reactors can be designed more efficiently when a decrease in mass transfer limitations in the boundary layer is achieved

Diffusio-osmosis, photocatalysis, kinetics, mass transfer, microreactor

Technological challenges
Boundary layers are known to be limited in mixing properties, which creates mass transfer limitations in this layer. For example, a catalyst with fast reaction kinetics has a reactant concentration of zero at the wall and mass transfer limitation occurs in the boundary layer.  The challenge is to overcome this mass transfer limitation in the boundary layer.

Research goals
The goal of the research is to fundamentally understand boundary flows and how to introduce mixing into this boundary layer.