TNW - Moject (EN)

Welcome to the website of the Science to Society case group 1. During the Science to Society minor, we as a group have worked on the case 'objective assessment of surgical skills'. During this project we started development on Moject, a tool specifically designed to assist surgeons towards a way of more objective assessment. Read all about Moject and the project here. Please note that access to the website is restricted to devices connected to the University of Twente network.


Anne Bulten              - s1557548 -  (module 1&2)
Peter Knoben            - s1481541 - (module 2) 
Romaine Kunst         - s1750348 - (module 1)
Bart Rooijmans         - s1595423 - (module 1)
Moritz Roux              - s1859137 - (module 2)
Lucas Timmermans  - s1574213 - (module 1)
Ruben Uineken         - s1590375 - (module 1&2)
Ola Wicik                  - s1933140 - (module 1&2)
Coen van der Zijden - s1603213 - (module 1)

Msc. Halfwerk, F.R. (Frank)        -
Dr. Groot Jebbink, E. (Erik)         -
Dr. Groenier, M. (Marleen)          -
Bsc. Coenen, B. (Bas)                  -