Dr. Roberto Ricciardi

Roberto Ricciardi
Carre 4.326
+31 53 489 2933

Roberto Ricciardi was born in Santeramo in Colle (Bari), Italy on 1st of May 1986. He studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Tecnology (CTF) at the University of Bari, Italy, where he received his degree on July 2010 (summa cum laude). During his undergraduate training period he worked on the synthesis of arylossazolic derivatives for the diagnosis by PET of the neurodegenerative diseases of CNS at the farmaco-chimico department of the University of Bari under the direction of Prof. N. A. Colabufo.

On January 2011 he started is PhD project in the group of Prof. J. Huskens and the supervision of Dr. Verboom at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. The aim of his project was to develop different methodologies to immobilize organic and metallic catalysts in continuous-flow microreactors.

Since March 2015 he is a post doc in the MnF group of Prof. J. Huskens working on the Nanopill 2.0 project for the development of a cancer detection kit in collaboration with other groups at the University of Twente. More information can be found on:



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