Dr. Milou Groot Nibbelink

Milou Groot Nibbelink
Carre 4.326
+31 53 489 4997

Milou started her master’s degree program in Regenerative Medicine, after completing her bachelor’s degree at University of Twente in 2008. During her second year she did a total of four internships at Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede, University Medical Center Utrecht, University Medical Center St. Radboud (Nijmegen), and Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA). For her master thesis project, “Immune-protective membrane based scaffolds for extra hepatic islet transplantation”, she collaborated with four different research groups; the Developmental BioEngineering group, Biomaterial Science and Technology group, and BioMedical Photonic Imaging group at University of Twente and the department of Nephrology at Leiden University Medical Center.

After finishing her master’s, she started as a PhD student in the Developmental BioEngineering group of Marcel Karperien in 2013. In close collaboration with the Biomaterial Science and Technology group, she worked on a new immune protective islet of Langerhans encapsulation device for the cure of Type I Diabetes. During her PhD, she collaborated with a group at the Diabetes Research Institute to combine their oxygen generating material with her encapsulation device. As part of this collaboration, she worked as a research scholar for 3 months at the Diabetes Research Institute of Miami Florida.

After finishing her PhD in the beginning of 2016, she continued working at the University of Twente. She started as a post-doc at the Molecular Nanofabrication group. As a post-doc, she is part of the team that will bring LipoCoat technology to the market.