Ph.D. students

Yao Lu, M.Sc.

Yao Lu
Carre 4.065
+31 68 285 9667

Yao Lu was born on April 7th 1989 in Shaanxi, China. She pursued her Bachelor’s degree in College of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering, in June 2012 at Tianjin University.

Since September 2012, she is a PhD candidate in the MEMS & NEMS group at Tianjin University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hao Zhang and Prof. Dr. Xuexin Duan. The goal of her project is studying the bulk acoustic wave resonator and its application in biochemistry.

Since October 2016, she is a joint PhD student in the Molecular Nanofabrication (MNF) group under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Jurriaan Huskens. The goal of her project is studying the controlled molecular disassembly under stimuli of nanofabricated acoustic resonators.