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Wouter Vijselaar, M.Sc.

Wouter Vijselaar
Carre 4.326
053 – 489 2933

Wouter Vijselaar was born in Nijeveen, The Netherlands on August 6th, 1986. He studied Advanced Technology at the university of Twente and received his BSc degree in January 2011. The subject of his bachelor thesis was on dielectric properties of sol-gel barium titanate derived films. After his bachelor degree, he pursued his master degree in chemical engineering and received successfully his MSc. degree in January 2013. The research topic during his master assignment was, on a novel method of BaTiO3 patterning and a stability study of the used precursors.

After a year of travelling through Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Greece, and The Netherlands, he decided to pursue a PhD in the field of chemistry. Since February 2014, he is a PhD candidate under supervision of Jurriaan Huskens at the University of Twente.

Solar-to-fuel is these days a very widely debated topic and together with the group of Han Gardeniers, they try to tribute to the subject. The aim of his project is to develop a membrane architecture which combines gas separation together with proton conduction. The main challenge lies within the fabrication of the membranes, stitching of separately made anodic and cathodic wire membranes to achieve cathode, -anode, and electrical communication by proton conduction.