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Nicola Capra, M.Sc.

Name: Nicola Capra
Room: Carre 4.326
Tel: +31 53 489 8069

Nicola Capra was born in Manerbio, Italy on the 9th of October 1994. He studied Chemistry at University of Parma where he gained his Bachelor’s degree in October 2017, presenting a thesis entitled "Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of citral and citronellal thiosemicarbazones and their complexes of copper and nickel”, under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Pelosi. In October 2019 he gained his Master’s degree (summa cum laude) at the same University presenting a thesis entitled “Study on the oxidative isomerization process of a donor-acceptor dyad NMe2-Ph-PTM”, working under the supervision of Prof. Conceptio' Rovira at the ICMAB-CSIC research center of Barcelona.

Since January 2020 he is working as a PhD student in the Molecular Nanofabrication group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Jurriaan Huskens and Dr. Willem Verboom. The aim of his project is the development of novel chemistry for polyurethane recycling.