Academic staff

Pascal Jonkheijm

Prof. Dr.Ir. Pascal Jonkheijm
Carre, 4.229
+31 53 4892987
Secr: + 31 53 4892980

Recently Jonkheijm has been appointed at the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and the University of Twente as Adjunct Professor and is heading research so-called Bioinspired Molecular Engineering. He received an NWO Innovation VENI and VIDI Grant, the Young Investigator Award of the Biomedical Materials Program and a Starting ERC Grant. His group aims to develop dynamic chemical strategies to understand, direct and manipulate cellular processes with temporal and spatial control (densities, specificities, separation). Insight in the mechanisms that direct and regulate cellular functions (adhesions, migration and differentiation) will be used to make a new generation of smart biomaterials, to fabricate multifunctional biochips and to renew synthetic biology. He is currently supervising 9 PhD students (Schmidt, Cavatorta, Koçer, van Weerd, Brinkmann, Ribeiro Crispim, Verheijden, Sankaran, Satav), 3 Post-docs (Voskuhl, Georgi, van Roosmalen) and 1 MSc-student (de Ruiter).