Dr. Shahina M.C. Abdulla

Dr. Shahina. M.C. Abdulla
Carré 4.052B
+31 53 489 2985

Shahina. M.C. Abdulla was born in Karupadanna, Kerala, India on 9th of May 1981. She obtained her ‘Bachelor in Physics’ from Calicut University, India in 2001. Further in 2003, she obtained her ‘Master in Physics’ from Calicut University, India during which she was specialized in ‘Electronics’ and in ‘Experimental Techniques’. Soon after this, she was offered a Junior Research Fellowship from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to pursue research in the project ASTROSAT (ASTROnomical SATellite) - UVIT (Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope) from March 2004 to September 2006 ( The work involved test & calibration of subsystems of UVIT and testing of its back focal components. Towards this, she also worked on the design and development of a ultra-high vacuum facility for EUV calibration. Her research further extended into the contamination monitoring and control of various UV/VUV filters and mirrors by finding their transmission and reflection properties. The research was carried out at Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore under the guidance of Prof. dr. B.R. Prasad.

In October 2006, she started her PhD research in the Transducers Science and Technology group of University of Twente under the supervision of Prof. dr. Gijs Krijnen ( Her PhD thesis deals with the fabrication technology and mechano-optical characterization of compact integrated wavelength selective optical devices for use in telecommunication applications. During this period she extensively worked on the design and modeling of micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), on surface micro machining techniques, on mechanical characterization of MEMS and on optical characterization of various integrated devices. In April 2011 she received her PhD degree for the thesis entitled “Integration of micro-cantilevers with photonic structures for mechano-optical wavelength selective devices” (

Since April 2011 she is a Post doctoral Researcher in Molecular Nano Fabrication (MNF) group of the University of Twente in the ‘Nanostructured Arrays’ project. The project aims for the fabrication and process development of Nanostructured Arrays, using Nano Imprint Lithography. This research will have application in nano-bragg-fresnel optics for the XUV wavelength range and in interdigital transducers for the generation and detection of high frequency Surface Acoustic Waves.