Dr. Erhan Bat

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Erhan Bat
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Erhan Bat was born in Nusaybin, in southeast part of Turkey on 16th of January 1981. He was raised in İzmir and lived in this lovely city by the Aegean Sea till 1999. That year, he graduated from İzmir Private Turkish Anatolian High School where he was awarded an education scholarship for seven years. Following his graduation, he studied Chemical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara. In 2003, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in honours. He continued studying in the same department under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Güngör Gündüz. For his master project, he worked on hyperbranched and air drying fatty acid based resins for surface coatings. With this work, he received the best thesis award of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of METU. After finishing his studies in 2005, he joined the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group of University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands as a Ph.D. student. During his Ph.D. study, he worked on elastomeric networks based on trimethylene carbonate polymers for biomedical applications under supervision of Prof. Dr. Jan Feijen and Prof. Dr. Dirk W. Grijpma. Since November 2009, he has been working as a post-doctoral researcher for the Molecular NanoFabrication Group of Prof. Dr. Jurriaan Huskens at University of Twente. His current research deals with preparation of multiplexed protein microarrays by soft lithography.